Adrian Andriessens


- work with executive Board

- work with the Smob advisory council

- Msp leader

- member of community United agains’t hate

- President of Givology


Make MCPS a healthier county, promoting more mental health awareness, better nutrition and more accessibility to PE class for students in elementary school.

Technology : Make the WiFi in our schools reliable, allow middle schoolers access to their phones during lunch and unblock social media

Closing the achievement gap : implement Bilingual esol teachers, and allocate more resources from students who come from disadvantaged schools and improve infrastructure

Why I should be your SMOB

I understand the need of the students of MCPS. For too long we have been promised, not delivered. Throughout the duration of my education at MCPS, I’ve been through Esol and understand the true meaning of closing the achievement gap. Health is also a prevalent issue in our county. Ranging from Mental health to nutrition, we have issue to tackle, and I will deliver on better school nutrition, tackling the issue of mental health and closing the achievement gap.

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