Brian Kramer


I helped found and currently lead the Northwood Representation Program, which is an educational advocacy group centered around my home school, Northwood. We have testified to the Board of Education and participated in numerous other events to represent Northwood. Through the NRP, I've built connections at the national state and local levels which will allow me a unique opportunity as SMOB.


My platform focuses on changing the culture of MCPS so that the decisions we make are based less on statistics and more on actual communication.

Why I should be your SMOB

My experience gives me a unique ability to get true results as SMOB. From day one, I will have the connections at all levels of government to make sure our students get a world class education, regardless of where they live; how much money they make; and what they look like. As SMOB, I will ensure we represent all students because they deserve to be represented.

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