Drew Skilton


MoCo Connect, Founder  

● Montgomery County Regional SGA (MCR), Public Relations Department Deputy


● SMOB Advisory Council (SAC), Member. I have worked side-by-side with SMOBs Eric Guerci and Matt Post for the past three years.


● North Bethesda MS, Treasurer. I spearheaded a fundraising drive that was awarded the MCJC Most Outstanding Activity/Project Award.  


1. Mental Health: Funding for mental health related resources in our schools is not keeping up with the student body growth. Correcting this inadequacy needs to be our top priority.  We need wellness centers in every school. We need more counselors and psychologists. I also propose at least one homework free weekend per month for all students to help reduce stress.  
2. Equality/achievement gap: No matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from, you should receive equal education opportunities.

Why I should be your SMOB

Connecting you to your leaders has always been my goal. I started in middle school then quickly that transitioned to the county level, joining the SMOB advisory counsel, and MCR. In these organizations, I realized there was a major disconnect between the student leaders and general population. This drove me to found MoCo Connect, an organization that informs and empowers the student body. This helped me understand what YOU want. My goal is to be a good voice for you and represent YOU at the board table.

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