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MCR holds monthly General Assemblies for all interested MCPS high school students. By simply filling out a permission slip, students can be excused from classes for the duration of the general assembly. Each school also has a number of voting delegates, and all students are encouraged to share perspectives or debate the merits of student-relevant issues. A few of this year’s legislative priorities include working towards minimizing the achievement gap and taking concrete action steps to further address mental health in schools. In addition to General Assemblies, MCR also holds a myriad of other engaging programs. For instance, last year MCR held the first annual county-wide TED talk, where students were able to hear about the unique experiences and insights of their peers.

Upcoming Events

General Assemblies

General Assemblies are monthly meetings during school hosted at high schools throughout the county. During these meetings, school SGAs and MCR members present and share their ideas on how to improve student life in MCPS. There is always a SMOB Report and an MCR Officers Report, as well as guest speakers.

MCR Advance

MCR Advance is our retreat where our representatives can relax and get to meet fellow members as well as get to know the executive board and officers.

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