Nimah Nayel


Class President - 3 year

Muslim Student Association VP

MSP member in MS and HS

Interfaith Coordinator


Reforming curriculum; Moving from a Western idealized perspective to a more global learning system. Expanding on mental health and LGBTQ education in early health curriculum; Bridging the achievement gap by working with Homework Clubs and the MSP.

Why I should be your SMOB

We're very lucky that every SMOB candidate is qualified for the position. What sets me apart as a candidate lies within the perspective I bring to the table. Having experienced such diverse walks of life throughout my educational years, I'm able to connect with a vast majority of the wonderful individuals we have in our county. Furthermore, my policies are targeted and effective in solving issues including mental health and student safety. Many of my policies give immediate solutions. The others provide solutions and also work to destigmatize and lay the groundwork for even greater improvements in our county!

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