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Meet the Winston Churchill SGA

Winston Churchill High School, among the best schools in the county, also boosts a notable student government association. In order to learn more about Churchill SGA, MCR turned to Hana Mangat. Mangat has been involved in SGA since her freshman year. Now a senior, she is currently serving as president of the class of 2018.

Mangat stated, “Churchill SGA is meaningful for me because you can truly make it whatever you want.” In order to increase school spirit and the sense of community at Churchill, SGA members must be creative and inventive-- which can be challenging but also rewarding.

Like many other schools, SGA officers are elected by students at the end of each school year (barring the freshman class officers, who are selected at the beginning of their first year at Churchill). There is not only SGA for each grade level but also one representing the entire school.

Every class also is represented by a student-run executive board that provide a backbone of support for organized events. Students who opt to take a leadership elective class, built into the Churchill curriculum, also assist in the organization of important school events like pep rallies.

The Churchill student body can be distinguished from those of other schools due to the number of students who voice various opinions and who hail from different backgrounds. The students of Churchill are not only vocal but very active within the Churchill community.

At the moment, Churchill SGA is kept on their toes in the midst of homecoming planning. Homecoming, a staple dance at all schools, is typically held in October as the school year is in full swing. Their theme for the dance is Pixar, and the SGA is not only seeking to organize the dance but also an outdoor movie night for seniors the week of homecoming.

However, Churchill SGA commonly goes above and beyond traditional school activities like dances. The past two years, the SGA has hosted “U-Nite”. Mangat described U-Nite as a “night for us to bond as a community. U-Nite was meant to be a platform for us to get to know our peers outside the classroom.” The activities of U-Nite were far-ranging, from friendship speed dating, the arts and crafts, to an open mic.

This year, Churchill SGA will be organizing a Fall Festival, another testament to their ambition and dedication. Mangat said, “Our biggest priority for this year is to increase school spirit.” Mangat continued, “We really want to ensure that Churchill feels more like a community for everyone.” Churchill SGA plans on extending the sense of school community through creating more engaging events for students to enjoy themselves, at least once a month.

Churchill SGA has been hard at work as this school year gains momentum. If your school SGA is interested in being featured on MCR’s website, please contact or direct specific inquiries to PR Directors Robert Wachen( and Isabelle Zhou (

Written by Emily Tian

Photo Courtesy of Churchill SGA

Published by PR Department

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