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MCR renews efforts towards mental health issues

MCR had their November Executive Board Meeting on Thursday, November 9 at the cafeteria of the Carver Educational Services Center from six to eight o’clock in the night. The meeting gathered Executive Board Members from across the county to plan for future meetings, manage department work, and discuss issues pertinent to all departments.

The MCR Executive Board is a group of individuals that manage the majority of MCR events and actions. These monthly meetings demonstrate the work of the departments and allow for interaction between deputies of different sections.

However, these meetings are not limited to Executive Board Members. Because they are open to the public, many MCR liaisons and other interested students attended the meeting as well.

This meeting included Officer Reports from the president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary who are Michael Yin, Ananya Tadikonda, Nathaniel Tinbite, and Pranav Tadikonda respectively. The departments also split to discuss amongst themselves and afterwards, everyone participated in discussion groups in which the student leaders brainstormed ideas for combatting mental health in our county.

If interested in attending a MCR Executive Board Meeting, the next meeting will be Tuesday, December 5 in the cafeteria of the Carver Educational Services Center from six to eight o’clock pm.

The General Assembly was conducted on the Wednesday, November 15 at Colonel Zadok A. Magruder High School. The SGAs from schools across the county attended the meeting in order to keep updated with the events and issues that MCR presents. This general assembly started with officer and department reports and allowed students to share their SGA events through a school sharing segment.

The GA attendants also participated in breakout groups similar to those at the executive board meeting. They discussed how each school addresses mental health and what possible improvements and concerns students have pertaining to mental health. To answer these questions and provide feedback on the mental health issue, feel free to respond to the following google form:

Our SMOB, the Student Member of the Board, also gave his report to students to update them on the actions of the Board of Education. He discussed the changes to the school calendar for the 2018-2019 school year. This new calendar has become controversial due to the shortened spring break. Next year, spring break will consist of only four school days. In addition, Post worked with the county technicians to unblock Facebook and Twitter from the school Wi-Fi networks and Instagram will be unblocked by the end of this month. Finally, he discussed improvements and construction to high schools in Montgomery County.

If interested in attending a MCR General Assembly, the next GA will be Wednesday, December 13 at Richard Montgomery High School. All schools are encouraged to attend. In addition, both middle and high school student leaders will be this joint MCJC and MCR General Assembly.

Written by Isabelle Zhou

Published by PR Department

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