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MCR Officer: Safwan Masood

In April of the 2017-2018 school year, a General Assembly convened to vote for the coming year’s officer team. Among the four officers elected to serve as leaders of the organization is MCR Treasurer Safwan Masood. Masood is a senior at Paint Branch High School and has been an active member of MCR since his freshman year at Paint Branch. Outside of MCR, Masood plays varsity baseball and is a member of numerous school clubs such as Model United Nations, the Muslim Student Association and Photography Club.

He first became involved in student government in middle school, when he joined his school’s student government association (SGA), because of his “passion to create change in any way or form.” Motivated by “the atrocities present in public education,” Masood said that he is eager to “be the voice for those who aren't heard.” As a student from the Northeast Consortium (NEC), he acknowledged the lack of representation students from that area have in countywide student government, stating that he too was “unaware of the opportunity” offered by organizations like MCR and is “striving to fix this problem.” Masood explained that the source of his passion for student advocacy comes from “hearing stories, perspectives, and ambitions of those around [him]” and “a feeling of commonality in this small world we live in.”

When asked what his vision for MCR is, he stated that he would like “to create more of an inclusive environment that is open to all students regardless of background, experience, or zip code.” He is optimistic about what the coming year holds, expressing that he and the other officers “see MCR going in a different direction than in past years; a direction that will prevail as a defining aspect of this organization in the years to come.” MCR has already made a considerable amount of progress towards this goal, as for the first time in MCR’s history, every high school in the county has a representative on the Executive Board.

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