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SMOB Candidates

Meet the SMOB candidates: Nate Tinbite and Zoe Tishaev

On February 27, students gathered Watkin’s Mill to narrow down the SMOB candidates to two finalists. When Junior Nate Tinbite of Kennedy High School and Junior Zoe Tishaev of Clarksburg High School stepped on stage to present their platforms there was an uproar of support from those in attendance.

Nate Tinbite’s interest in student government started early. Tinbite served as the Chief of Staff for former SMOB Matt Post. He rose within Montgomery County’s regional student government (MCR), earning the executive positions of Treasurer as a sophomore and President as a junior.

Tinbite entered the race with the perspective that a SMOB needs to represent the entire county, ande his platform is consistent with this ideal.

“It’s past time the student member of the board of such a diverse county be able to reflect a diverse perspective,” Tinbite said.

Tinbite plans to level and elevate the education playing field for all students. He seeks an environment throughout all schools where students have the tools they need to reach their potential and succeed. He believes with this vision, the education in the county will naturally become better quality overall.

Zoe Tishaev entered student government in eighth grade at Rocky Hill Middle School. However, she became involved in MCR as a sophomore when an executive board spot opened up.

“Like most students, I didn’t know about county SGA for most of my time in MCPS” Tishaev said. “I missed out on so many opportunities to advocate that I wish I had.”

Tishaev now serves on the Community Relations Department in MCR, spreading opportunities for all students to advocate and working in connection with the county PTA.

In her platform, Tishaev has stressed the major communication gap that plagues the county. As a student, Tishaev felt that the county was implementing changes that took effect without any warning to students.

As SMOB, she would work to eliminate the disconnect between the Board of Education and its constituents. Tishaev believes that improving communication will trickle down and eventually help all students, including those in historically underrepresented groups.

On April 24, students in all middle and high schools around the county will vote and elect our 42nd Student Member of the Board. This election is administered by MCR’s Special Elections Committee in concert with school SGAs.

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