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New proposed PE credits to Athletes

Montgomery County Board of Education has been reviewing the proposed physical education credit for student athletes. Student Member, Nate Tinbite drafted a proposal that change that can affect all student athletes in Montgomery County.

Tinbite’s proposal was to take away half of a physical education credit if a student is involved in a “school-sponsored sports team,” (Bethesda Magazine). Currently, state laws make it obligatory for students to complete half a credit of physical education, while Montgomery County makes it a full physical education credit.

Many students participate in school sports throughout the year, and according to this proposal each student athlete is still required to take a physical education credit for a full year.

Tinbite recently was active on social media stating, “My resolution is simple-student athletes should be able to earn a PE credit for their hard work during the season. That’s it. That’s the tweet.”

Tinbite has been rigorously working hard to pass this proposal due to the amount of time it takes away from other electives students should also have the option to take.

Senior at John F. Kennedy High School, he adds, “ given the myriad of engaging, enriching, and rigorous courses available.”

Throughout his proposal Tinbite stated, “students often experience difficulty finding space in their schedules for all desired courses in the areas of academic interest.”

Based on Tinbite, by allowing a student athlete to have completed their physical education credit, the county and schools would be giving each student an opportunity to find more time to pursue their personal academic interests.

Student member of the board, Nate Tinbite additionally adds, “this is only hopefully an opt-in solution as to providing academic mobility for students in MCPS athletics because they are burdened by the amount of classes that they participate in afterschool and in extracurriculars.”

MCR president, Pranav Tadikonda additionally added his statement saying, “Physical health is important for every student to academically and socially thrive. Student athletes dedicate hours on a daily basis to their sport, allowing them to maintain strong physical health.”

Tadikonda took side by saying, “I think this is a great policy, as it opens opportunities for athletes in good condition to explore other academic avenues.”

The school board will be making a decision in October.

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