Tony Ricciardella 


Student Government (2014-2018)

Class President (2014-2015) (2016-2017)

Close work with MCR

2 years on Alex Abroimov’s campaign team 


Fixing key facilities within schools (i.e. bathrooms, classrooms, locker rooms)

Improvements to our mental health assistance. (Wellness programs, Sensitivity training for teachers and counselors, Increased number of “floating counselors”) 

Why I should be your SMOB

I believe I should be the student member of the board because I have a load of determination and from my time in student government I have consumed a ton of student feedback on problems within our county. I’ve reflected on the feedback for quite some time and now have ideas to hit the ground running if I were elected. I am running to finally make the SMOB’s voice the students voice. 

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