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The Montgomery County Regional Student Government Association, or MCR for short, is MoCo’s county-wide student leadership organization. MCR seeks to represent the views and ideas of all MCPS high school students.


On behalf of its constituents, MCR advocates for a variety of student-related policy before the Board of Education and County Council. MCR also supports every school’s SGA and lobbies for relevant bills in the Maryland Legislature.



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"I love MCR because it is such a unique experience where you can be at the forefront of advocating for real solutions to improve MCPS while being surrounded by other passionate student leaders from across the county. It's a place where you meet so many amazing students with such different backgrounds, create a real core group of friends who become your family, and work with each other to advocate for the issues you believe in. MCR has been an experience that I know I'll never forget. "

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"I place incredible value on the thoughts and opinions of our student leaders. MCR is a special organization where the young adults strive to advocate for their peers, improve the youth experience, and develop leadership in others. Serving as the advisor of MCR has been one of the best experiences of my 24 year career. I am a lifelong learner and have also developed new skills as a result of working with the student leaders of MCR and across Montgomery County."

Arvin Kim swearing-in as SMOB 007.jpg

Arvin Kim, MCPS SMOB

"MCR is an opportunity to learn how to advocate, meet students from across the county, and make a difference in our community. But above all else, MCR provides the inspiring experience that comes with working alongside passionate leaders on the issues facing public education today. In the many roles I've held in MCR over the past few years, I've not only learned a great deal about our county but have had the opportunity to collaborate with students from every part of MCPS to ensure our voices are being heard."

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