Meet the Officers

Layna Teitelbaum- President

Layna is a senior at Northwood High School. She has been involved in MCR since 2018, where she previously worked with the Public Relations department to promote and inform students about advocacy opportunities. One of Layna’s biggest contributions was creating a multilingual video promoting MCR's support of immigrants, which significantly increased the organization’s social media engagement.


This year, Layna plans on expanding and creating advocacy opportunities that can be accessed by every student in Montgomery County. She especially hopes to increase representation from parts of the county that have a wide opportunity gap in advocacy.


In her free time, Layna plays volleyball and takes part in a variety of other student-led organizations. She plans to study political communication in college.

Hana O'Looney- Vice President

Hana is a junior and International Baccalaureate diploma candidate at Richard Montgomery High School. Throughout her past four years of involvement in both MCR and its middle school counterpart, MCJC, Hana has dedicated herself to fighting for educational equity, particularly through curriculum and standardized testing reform, mental health policy, and school districting. 

This year, Hana hopes to expand the accessibility of MCR through increased outreach and events at underrepresented schools, as she believes every student has an important perspective to share in county and state policymaking.

When Hana isn’t focused on MCR, she’s probably working with MoCo EmpowHER, a countywide organization for young women to network and explore different career options, as well as MoCo for Change, an all-youth organization focused on gun violence prevention and social equity activism. She is also active in community theatre and loves performing and studying Shakespeare. In the future, Hana plans on studying political science, economics, or journalism.

Hana O'Looney.jpg

Arvin Kim- Treasurer

Arvin is a sophomore at Walt Whitman High School. He has been involved in countywide student government since 7th grade, when he ran and served as the Vice President of Montgomery County Junior Council. In this role, he served as a liaison to MCR and then served in the Legislative Affairs department, in his first on-board position. 

Now in his 4th year of student advocacy, Arvin looks forward to serving as Whitman’s first MCR officer in over a decade. Through the introduction of Service Coordinators, he is excited to fundraise and work with charities, carry out the Grant Program, and build community within and around MCR.

Outside of student advocacy, Arvin is involved in Model United Nations, debate, and plays the saxophone. He is interested in pursuing public policy, especially around education. 

Shairee Arora- Secretary

Shairee is a sophomore and International Baccalaureate candidate at Richard Montgomery High School. She has been involved in student government for four years, starting in sixth grade with MCJC. Shairee was elected as MCJC President in eighth grade and went on to be a MCR Social Director her freshman year of high school. 

This year, Shairee would like to expand opportunities for students across the county to get involved in MCR. She is excited to get to know and work with the MCR Executive Board members and help them accomplish amazing things.

Aside from student government, Shairee loves to travel, dance and play piano. She has visited over 13 countries and has been playing piano for 11 years. She is also involved in her school’s drama club as a part of the running crew. In the future, she is thinking about pursuing either law or psychiatry.

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