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  • When does MCR meet?
    The MCR executive board meets the first Thursday of every month to discuss upcoming plans and events for the month. Additionally, MCR holds general assemblies, where every student in Montgomery County can participate, around 6 times a year. MCR also holds other meeting throughout the year with parts of the executive board and certain schools, to maintain constant communication with the county. Due to Covid-19, all executive board meetings and general assemblies will be held virtually via Zoom and in person at the Carver Educational Services Center.
  • Can anyone go to a general assembly or executive board meeting?
    Yes! All Montgomery County students are invited to both general assemblies and executive board meetings.
  • How do I find out how to sign-up for a general assembly?
    There are two ways to get information on how to sign-up for a general assembly. Either talk to your school's SGA advisor, who will have a link to sign-up and a permission slip to fill out, or check the @mcr.sga Instagram page for the sign-up link and permission form.
  • How do I apply for the MCR executive board?
    Each May, the executive board opens applications to all students who will be in high school for the following school year. The application consists of a Google form and could sometimes be followed by an interview, depending on the applicant.
  • Do I need any experience to apply for the MCR executive board?
    Although experience is preferred, you do not need any previous student government experience to join our executive board! MCR is accepting of all students and utilizes a holistic review process to compose our wonderful executive board. We look for bright students who want to get involved and bring new ideas and insights to the table.
  • How is MCR in contact with schools?
    Our school communications department consists of liasons that constantly keep in touch with all 26 high schools in Montgomery County. Liasons maintain a strong relationship with the SGA advisors and officers of every school.
  • How can I contact MCR?
    The best way to contact MCR would be to send us an email at or to DM our Instagram @mcr.sga.
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