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School SGAs voice student opinions to bring awareness to different problems specifically for their school.  They generally consist of a President,  Vice president a Treasurer, a Secretary, and an Event Coordinator but each school is slightly different. Their duty is to represent the student body as effectively as possible to help change regulations if necessary. They also promote school spirit and help with different social events. 

School SGAs

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Each position is different for every school: some might have multiply vice presidents, others multiple secretaries, others no treasures, and others no event coordinators. Depends on the school but this is a general summary of what they do.*

They are generally in charge of holding the SGA together by confirming plans and events, communicating with other SGA presidents, and being the point of contact for students. 

Vice President:
Generally assists the President in all of their roles. During the president's absence, they usually take control. (Mini president)

They deal with sending emails, planning meetings, setting dates for events, writing meeting minutes, and overall keeping them organized.

Events Coordinator:
They brainstorm creative events for their schools and coordinate them from planning to advertising.

Generally, deals with funding events and all monetary duties. However, students are not allowed to handle money so many schools don't have a Treasurer. 

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