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Student Rights

Empty Classroom

School Safety

  • Encourage school administrations to run lockdown & other drills (ex. Active shooter drills) more frequently

  • Expand security technology, such as security cameras

MCPS Rights & Responsibilities Handbook & Code of Conduct

  • Urge the passing of Policy KEA

  • Simplify the materials to make sure that students understand their rights

  • Reduce class sizes and urge the board to enforce class size regulations

  • Create workshops to train students how to testify

  • Increase accessibility to BOE hearings & meetings

  • Encourage students to advocate in front of the BOE and meet county officials through town halls

Public Library
School Bus

Bell Times & Scheduling

  • MCR encouraged the Board of Education to pass a resolution that made high school bell times 20 minutes later. While this resolution passed, MCR recognizes that many students do not feel this is enough of a time difference to see large improvements in student well being.

  • Every year, MCR works with the Board of Education to approve the following year’s calendar schedule, accounting for professional days, religious holidays, and the recent mandate to start school after Labor Day.

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