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Mental Health and

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Mandatory Training

  • Mandate teacher training to recognize signs of mental health problems (Lauryn’s Law)

  • Advocate for teacher training on navigating sensitive topics during instruction


Counselors & Psychologists

  • Hire more school psychologists (one per school, focused on the mental well being of students)

  • Reduce student-to-counselor ratios and individual counselor workload

  • Urge schools to mandate periodic, non-academic, student-counselor meetings

  • Create trusting relationship between faculty and students

Therapy Session
Support Group

Schoolwide Training

  • Construct a student-conscious curriculum (see Curriculum)

  • Enact county-wide school mental health days

  • Reward schools for having mental health programs


  • Inform students of mental health and domestic violence resources available

  • Increases access to and expand countywide programs

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