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Standardized Tests & Grading Policies

  • Support the implementation of RQAs

  • Reduce unnecessary standardized testing

  • Create options for students to use scores from national standardized tests to place out of local tests

  • Advocate for fair grading policies that enable all students to succeed without grade inflation

  • Encourage and incentivize homework-free weekends


  • Revise the curriculum to reflect multiple historical perspectives

  • Add LGBT studies to Social Studies and Health curriculum

  • Include women and POC authors in English curriculum

  • Expand graduation credit opportunities (ex: athletics as a PE credit, AP Java as a tech credit)

  • Health curriculum

    • Allocate more time on mental health, depression, and vaping.

    • Emphasize available student resources

    • Cut out impractical information and replace it with real-life knowledge

    • Teach affirmative consent

  • Expand college prep, test prep, and quantitative literacy courses

  • Make Drivers Education a course

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Career & College Readiness

  • Begin county-based, free workshops that help students along the college admissions journey

  • Publicize and encourage students to participate in CTE programs

  • Incorporate life skills into curriculum

  • Connect students to internships and job opportunities

  • Publicize scholarship opportunities

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