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MCR Officer: Pranav Tadikonda

Classical Indian dancer, Captain of the Chemistry team, President of the Medical Careers Club at Richard Montgomery, and MCR Vice President: meet Pranav Tadikonda. Tadikonda served as the MCR Central Cluster Liaison his freshman year, was elected as the MCR-SGA Secretary last year, and currently holds the position of Vice President of MCR this year as a high school junior. Tadikonda got involved with MCJC as an eighth grader and has continued following his dedication to student advocacy since. In his previous years, he had been involved with his middle school’s countywide SGA as well, which allowed him to gain more experience in assuming a leading role in MCR as a high-schooler.

Tadikonda, directly drawn to the purpose of community and advocating in MCR, has many passionate ideas to bring to the table. “MCR is about meeting new people! Every meeting, I walk in seeing the energy and excitement of my fellow peers and this makes me excited too,” he stated.

He presents his ideas enthusiastically with the hopes of collaborating with his peers. “We are all working towards one common goal of speaking for the students and making a statement that students are more powerful than others think,” Tadikonda stated.

One of his goals for this year is to reach out to a variety of different schools and students so that every student’s voice could be heard. “Since we have students from every high school on the executive board, my goal is to increase outreach. We need students to know about MCR so that they can speak voices and get them heard,” he stated.

Tadikonda has his goals and mindset ready for this year, but he also believes that MCR shapes his significance in several ways. Tadikonda commented, “Rather than MCR shaping my values, it has allowed me to express them. Although for the most part my values and those of my peers are on the same line, there is always diversity of thought which I value a lot. I try my best to learn from others in MCR.” He hopes to express the importance of MCR and its values to others who want to be involved as well.

MCR is a place where advocacy is supported from the efforts of a diverse range of students. Tadikonda is passionate about closing the student mental health resources, school safety, and the opportunity gap. Tadikonda has been especially devoted to the issue of student mental health, saying, “I have been working with MCR on mental health issues since freshman year, and have testified in front of the Board. I also have gone to the recent rallies and protests for school safety. This is a new and prevalent issue.” Tadikonda hopes to fulfill his duties by continuing to advocate for these common issues throughout the year and beyond.

While still holding onto his love for dancing, science and politics, Tadikonda has expressed that he is eager to be a part of MCR for the 2018-2019 school year. Tadikonda said, “I don’t see myself pursuing anything in the government field, although I am positive that I will be doing something in advocacy. I know for the rest of my life I’ll be advocating for things I and my community are passionate about.” As Vice President, Tadikonda hopes to continue advocating for MCPS students and sharing a voice in widespread issues throughout the year.

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