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Voter Registration Drive

Throughout the past few weeks, high schools across Montgomery County have been involved in a voter registration drive. Student volunteers from every school, working alongside their school SGAs, partnered with MCR and MoCo for Change in order to register eligible students to vote. The criteria that students need to meet in order to be registered is that they have to be at least sixteen, be a US citizen, and be a resident of Maryland.

Students from all over the county came together in order to achieve a common goal: to get as many young people registered to vote as possible. During the national elections of 2016, the majority of the age group of 18-24 year olds did not vote. Since the low voter turnout rates could partially be attributed to the fact that many young adults were not registered to vote, student leaders came together throughout late September and early October in order to spark some change. Over the course of one week, students at Montgomery County’s Spring Brook High School were able to register over 350 other students.

Although final numbers have not been totaled yet, Montgomery County high schools succeeded in registering a great deal of students. The MCR and MoCo Students for Change voter registration drive has helped bring voter registration among young people to an all time high in Maryland this year. Voter registration is still open and available to residents of Maryland at early voting locations until November 1. In order to find out your voter registration status, visit

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