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EmpowHer Women’s Leadership Organization

After the first MoCo EmpowHER Forum was successfully held last year, the second annual forum, held on December 8, was hosted thanks to the hard work and planning from the members. The forum was a productive and inspiring gathering in which students from the county were freely able to voice their opinions and issues in regards to women in roles of leadership.

The forum included several different interactive activities. The agenda began with a slam poem which progressed to an engaging conversation in which everyone considered the parts to the poem and the effects it could have.

Objectives for the day stated by the organizers included “understanding our vital role at the Women’s Leadership Forum, Connect a women’s issue & visual representation with a local elected official to increase awareness.” Following the objectives, the forum also connected a project known as “The Humans of New York” to the different stories and lives of the members at the forum. Each person was asked to find a picture and post it on social media with a story and #EmpowHER.

As the forum continued, discussions arose, culminating in a discussion chart showcasing the issues women face and how society can counteract that specific issue listed.

Following the agenda, a panel of influential women were asked questions by students, stimulating an engaging dialogue. The panel comprised with many familiar faces to the MoCo students. SMOB Ananya Tadikonda, Sarah Love, a candidate for the District 16 Delegate seat, and several others were a part of the panel.

The panel was an opportunity to have one-on-one conversations along with a Q&A session in which every member of the panel emphasized the importance of leadership and building relationships. They were asked several questions in which they proceeded discussing their plans, backgrounds, obstacles and biggest take away from being a woman in a leadership role.

After the panel, the forum consisted of a service project in which all students were given materials to write a letter for women that have been suffering or have suffered in any way, giving an opportunity for students to tangibly reflect on EmpowHER’s core tenants. The day concluded with remarks from the officers and advisor. In the next upcoming years, MoCo EmpowHER will continue hosting forums which welcome all students and give an opportunity for many voices to be heard.

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