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$1.82 Billion Construction Plan for MCPS Schools

School infrastructure has been a constantly occurring issue throughout the county and Superintendent Jack Smith has released his vision for schools in the years to come. This plan includes nine new projects for the county and is projected at a cost of $1.82 billion.

This year there are 165,439 students total, which shows an increase at about 2,759 students from the year before. With this increase, it is projected that enrollment reaches more than 171,000 students by 2025 which calls for cramped and outdated schools.

Superintendent Jack Smith added, “Many schools are significantly over utilized and beyond their life-cycle and capital projects are necessary learning to provide a learning environment for students and staff deserve.”

Additional projects are in the works as well and include a new high school in Gaithersburg, reopening of a past high school and approved additions to many middle schools in the Rockville area.

By expanding the resources and renovating the schools it addresses the need for more classroom space and materials in the facilities infrastructure. The schools that are listed as major projects include the following:

  • Burnt Mills Elementary, September 2023

  • South Lake Elementary, September 2023

  • Woodlin Elementary, September 2023

  • Stonegate Elementary, September 2024

  • Neelsville Middle, September 2024

  • Poolesville High, September 2024

  • Damascus High, September 2025

  • Thomas S. Wootton High, September 2026

  • Col. Zadok Magruder, September 2027

The board is planning a complete review of the Superintendents recommendations and the board will be expanding on these projects in the near future.

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