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WJ Turf Renovations

As the new semester began, Walter Johnson High School announced they will be renewing their turf field. They decided that it was time for a renovation that would upscale the school and benefit the athletes. The reason for this is because this issue was seriously injuring some of Walter Johnson’s athletes.

Bethesda magazine acknowledged this issue by stating, “Critics harbor doubts about the safety of the artificial fields and have raised concerns about the mineral substance used to fill the spaces between synthetic fibers.” This is a major issue because it can injure students and ruin their performance on the field.

Walter Johnson values their athletes and wants them to have a safe environment to practice and play in. Much talk has been spreading between students of WJ about the newly introduced turf.

A Walter Johnson High School student who wishes to remain Anonymous. I did in fact play junior varsity football last year. And he just recently reached out to his coaches and teammates, about this controversial subject, and he stated that. He says that because of this he has no other choice but to leave the team and do a different sport instead.

Some explain that they are in favor of it, due to the fact that it would provide a beneficial environment for the student athletes. On the other hand, some are against it because they believe sand-based fields can actually create more turf burns, as well as breathing issues, which would make it harder for athletes to run on the sand..

Even though the new change has altered some athletes' perceptions, this change is coming up for Walter Johnson High School. Some of the students are eager to see the change and addition to the school, while others are not looking forward to it. Well see what happens with public opinion, all within due time.

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