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Policy Paper/Press Release Workshop Recap

MCR wrapped up the weekend with another engaging and informative workshop led by PR Director, Pelin Altintas and EdPol Directors, Nada Fadul and Vicky Kidder. This workshop was presented in such a unique way compared to the others as it was two specific types of writing: Policy Papers and Press Release.

The workshop began with introductions of the presenters, as well as MCR Vice President, Hana O’Looney. It was then followed with the basic objectives of what the workshop would consist of. From understanding the basic structure of each type of writing to practicing and formulating their pieces of writing, the participants got straight into working hard and learning within the hour timeframe of the workshop.

Once the introductions and objectives were reviewed, the first portion of the workshop consisted of basic definitions of a Policy Paper and Press Release as well as diving into the significance of each.

Later in the workshop, the significance and elements were consistently reminded to show the importance of both a Policy Paper and Press Release. The second portion of the workshop was directed solely on the basic skeletal structure of writing an effective Policy Paper and Press Release. To craft an attention-grabbing and well-written paper, the presenters recommended following the structure given and basing it on cited information.

The next part of the workshop focused on the similarities and differences between both a Policy Paper and Press Release, as they are both so similar yet very different in several ways.

“Recap Bubbles,” followed the similarities and differences and was an effective way to start getting the participants engaged. They had the option to write their answers in the chat box, or turn their mics on and speak for an open discussion. The recap bubbles allowed for further questions to come up and get everyone ready for the practice rounds coming up next.

As the workshop was getting to a close end, each participant was given five minutes to write an introduction to “How to Write a Policy Paper,” given the topic choices. Once the five minutes were up, the participants were asked to share and discuss their writings with the rest of the group. After practicing a Policy Paper introduction, they were instructed to write an introduction to a Press Release given the topics. They repeated those sets of directions for both writing a Policy Paper and Press Release.

The workshop wrapped up by reviewing the concepts learned from that evening and with closing statements from the instructors.

Written by Pelin Altintas

Published by PR Department

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