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MCR Officer: Shairee Arora

Caring, empathetic, hard-working, and most of all an organized extrovert: Meet Shairee Arora, this year’s MCR Secretary and rising sophomore at Richard Montgomery High School who has been involved in student government since she was in sixth grade. Before becoming Secretary, Shairee served as the Montgomery County Junior Council’s President in eighth grade and MCR’s Social Director in ninth grade. As a member of the Maryland Association of Student Councils, she has been a student advocate on both the state and local levels.

In her current role, Shairee’s responsibilities include scheduling meetings, sending out emails, and overseeing the MCR executive board along with the other officers. She truly loves many of the varied aspects of her job, including officer and department calls, executive board meetings, and bonding events. Her favorite part of being MCR Secretary is working closely with the other officers and executive board members because it enables her, “To meet so many new, passionate leaders and help them plan such important events and advocacy efforts.”

Outside of MCR, Shairee keeps a busy schedule. She enjoys playing the piano and Bollywood dancing, in addition to being a member of her school’s running crew and Model Congress club. During quarantine, she has begun baking and cooking and hopes to continue doing so in the future.

In short, Shairee thrives on collaboration with others. Her organizational skills, work ethic, and hopes of creating change drove her to student advocacy. She is always looking for opportunities to create meaningful change, advocate for others, and work with passionate student leaders; this desire to foster student-driven change led to her running for MCR Secretary and will likely lead to her serving in many advocacy positions in the future.

Written by Queen Balina

Published by PR Department

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