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MCR Officer: Arvin Kim

With the world currently amidst a global pandemic and a time of uncertainty, MCR Treasurer and Whitman sophomore, Arvin Kim’s first year as an MCR officer has been anything but normal. However, he hasn’t, “Let quarantine or any cancellations affect,” him from pursuing his interests, “Like activism or from fulfilling obligations,” of being a treasurer.

Instead, Kim has used his newfound excess of spare time to pick up hobbies like skating as well as fulfill his goals for MCR. He enjoys playing the saxophone and continues to stay busy and participate in Model UN and Debate.

In his first few months as treasurer, Kim has already implemented cutting MCR dues in half for school SGAs, due to the first semester being online.

Speaking on his position, Kim mentioned that, “MCR is in a unique position this year,” in regards to its resources. This allows for a greater focus on advocacy, which is only increased by the pandemic- making it difficult for “regular” fundraising to occur. Kim also plans to expand the role of the treasurer to make changes related to charities and the grant program that he believes will, “Be beneficial for the community,” which he cares so much about.

In fact, the sense of community in MCR was what originally interested Arvin Kim in student government and what he appreciates most about the organization. It all started at the first General Assembly he attended. Kim details, “People my (his) age presiding over such a big group of their peers, really organizing to hear about what they do,” which “Really inspired,” him. He specifically recalled an enduring moment: seeing his fellow officer, MCR Vice President Hana O'Looney, also former President of MCJC on stage which encouraged him to be a part of this organization.

“Yes I am one person,” Kim says “but I can join a coalition of students or an organization, and together we can fight for a lot and get a lot done.” Last year, he was even recognized for his activism by the county council. To see such prominent figures recognize students in the community for their passion and dedication“was really impactful” to Kim.

Kim continues to stay active and engaged with students of the county and works very closely with the executive board. He encourages everyone to get involved just as he did when he felt a spark at his first General Assembly.

Written by Norah D'Cruze

Published by PR Department

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