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Email Writing 101 Summer Workshop

MCR’s summer workshops are back in action! MCR Secretary Queen Balina, and MCR President Shairee Arora kicked off this summer's first workshop with an “Email Writing 101” event. They introduced the effects of email writing and how to properly assemble an email. More than 55+ participants were given the opportunity to use this workshop and learn more about how to brush up on their email writing skills.

Wednesday’s workshop utilized various engaging and interactive activities, to help accomplish its purpose. Activities ranged from an “email swipe” (a parody to the trademark swipe of a popular, unfortunately MCR-non-affiliated app) to practice email writing to celebrities. Participants learned basics, MCR-secretary-approved tips, and grew as email writers while having fun and interacting with peers.

The first item on the agenda was a detailed overview of the basic components of a good email. This includes: a subject, intro, purpose, contact info and sign-off. According to the workshop, it is important to keep in mind several ideas when writing an email, (and throughout every component) such as professionalism- which demonstrates respect towards the reader; specificity- being “clear and upfront” about details and who the email is for encourages response; and relevance - explaining why your reader should care.

These elements in email writing become essential especially to student leaders because it allows, “for putting one’s best self forward,” as Balina emphasized.

Next up, was the email swipe for which participants were given sample emails to critique and vote “yes or no” on. Students tended to be more vocal in their critiques, and many got a laugh from MCR Special Issues Director, Kendall Daniels’ comment about an email in which the writer “couldn’t even spell ‘bye’ right.” She said, later, that she found the workshop “very helpful and the examples were also pretty funny.”

Additionally, many enjoyed watching sample-email-writer, “John”, progressively improve in writing his emails. Example emails upgraded, from the first including the phrase: “sent from my iPhone” - a hard NO, (according to email writing experts, Shairee and Queen) to an objectively perfect email, according to several participants.

Finally, students went into breakout rooms to practice writing work-shop approved emails to celebrities. While this was a more fun activity, it emphasized the message that email shouldn’t be restricting. Rather, a tool to send messages that exercise one’s voice as a student advocate to create change on a county and statewide level.

President Arora summarizes the workshop perfectly in saying “there was a lot of engagement” and that participants “were able to take away important skills” that will aid them in improving email writing. It was definitely “a great experience!”

Written by Norah D'Cruze

Published by PR Department


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