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June Executive Board Meeting Recap

On Tuesday June 15th at 6:11pm, the first executive board meeting of the 2022-2023 MCR-SGA year was called to order at Carver Education Services Center.

The meeting began with the new officer introductions, beginning with President Shairee Arora, serving for her second term. Vice President Michelle Wong, Treasurer Anusha Krishnan and Secretary Pratiksha Das were welcomed by the new executive board. Following the officer introductions came Mrs. Cherry’s introduction, as well as the SMOB elect, Arvin Kim’s introduction.

The newly elected MCJC Vice President gave the MCJC report, before the officers launched into slides about MCR-SGA as an organization.

The Google Slideshow, presented by the officers, shared information about what MCR’s purposes and goals are, went over commonly used acronyms, described goal setting and expectations of executive board members, and finally, described all of MCR’s departments.

Following the slideshow, came department breakouts for the newly established departments to meet each other. In the department breakouts, each department brainstormed some goals for the year, which were then shared by the chiefs of staff and the directors.

The chiefs of staff shared that some of their goals for the year were to make sure everyone on the MCR executive board feels comfortable and welcome, to increase inter-departmental events, and to create a Guide to Advocacy, a passion project that would show students many ways to get involved in advocacy.

The Community Relations department shared some upcoming goals: the organization of a college-fair like event for their partner organizations, and to be more communicative through monthly projects with their partner organizations.

Link to socials:

The Public Relations department talked about creating a better social media presence for MCR-SGA, described article ideas about organizations, and set a goal to create more content. The directors also alluded to goals about department collaboration, and encouraged executive board members to reach out, should their department want to collaborate with the Public Relations department. Finally, goals about meeting up outside of MCR for bonding purposes were described.

School Communications’s goals consisted of expanding outreach through emails and social media, and reaching out to people outside of SGA’s through clubs and sports teams, and also making sure to reach out to students in MCPS whose primary language is not English.

The Legislative Affairs department described their goals to increase communication with students not involved in MCR through workshops and town halls. The directors described their visions for internal meetings for the department, as well as formal meetings with legislators like Zoom calls, or coffee meet-ups.

Educational Policy shared goals regarding policy papers which are written documents summarizing Board of Education issues. They also shared goals of hosting forums with legislators and senators, and finally described the goal of having an issue of the month.

Link to socials: @mcredpol on Instagram

The Special Issues department shared visions of increased school representation in task forces, increased social media usage, and increased amounts of bonding events and task force meetings.

Link to socials: @mcrspecialissues on Instagram

The Special Elections Committee Administrators described goals regarding delegate selection for elections, making elections accessible to everyone, and reforming grievances hearing process. Member applications of the Special Elections Committee are now open for non-executive board members.

Finally, Treasure Anusha Krishnan and the Finance and Service department expressed goals of joint projects, fundraising for charity, more outreach for the grant program including a grant program workshop, and bonding events, as well as working with other departments.

Following the introduction and goal sharing of the directors came the first bonding activities of the new executive board. Members were broken into small groups, and given cards with questions that the groups could brainstorm answers to. The small groups were also given charades cards, and a fun game of headbands/charades was played.

President Shairee Arora shared executive board member’s summer expectations before sharing some upcoming events.

August 9th will be the MCJC/MCR Advance, and is the first executive board meeting of the school year.

For Pride month celebration activities, go to Pride in the Plaza webpage for information.

For future leadership development opportunities, students should check their emails, attend workshops and focus groups, and be on the lookout for MCR and school SGA’s communication. Participation in MASC events were also encouraged by Mrs. Cherry.

The meeting concluded with the new executive board meeting being sworn in, and the adjournment of the first executive board meeting at 8:06pm.

Written by Allison J. Khani

Published by PR Department


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