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May Executive Board Meeting Recap

MCR wrapped up the year with its final Executive Board Meeting of the year this past Thursday. It was very emotional and full of retrospection for presiding officers, graduating seniors, as well as their executive board friends. Even so, the meeting- per the season and “college” theme, celebrated fresh, new beginnings and hopes with the swearing-in of newly elected officers.

As usual, Shaayan Wadkar’s MCJC report started the meeting off. MCJC applications are currently open for any MCPS 5th-7th grader interested in advocacy. Next was an official Q&A session for the four officer elects. They were asked questions mainly focused on the accessibility of MCR.

Regarding the expansion of the Executive Board, officers-elects reported that they would base their decisions on the number/quality of applications. Their dedication to making change and fulfillment of campaign promises is evidenced by the discussion, especially regarding work (such as the creation of a 5th task force) that was already underway - before their terms had even begun. If you are interested in speaking with newly elected officers, they encourage joining their office hours that are open to anyone. More information is on the MCR website.

Next on the agenda was the proposal of four new resolutions, introduced by a new member, Alex Nguyen, MCR’s Moco CoNECS Liaison. The resolutions included: Resolution to Modernize MCR Business which includes an amendment to the MCR Constitution to provide virtual modes of attendance to all meetings; a Resolution to Reform School Liaisons; a Resolution to Encourage MCR’s SEC to Consider Alternative Voting Procedure; and finally, the Resolution to Facilitate Resolution-Making in MCR. The changes created by the proposals are mostly outlined in their titles; all four include removal of “archaic language” regarding the respective subjects from the Constitution. For more information on each proposed resolution, visit the MCR website. They will be voted on by the executive board by midnight on May 6th.

After a short break which consisted of a heated debate over the question of the day: “Chipotle or Cava?”, attendees joined department breakout rooms in which they reviewed their initial goals for the year and favorite memories. A few tears were shed by many and breakout rooms closed for department directors to share their yearly reports.

There was a common sentiment of unity, togetherness, and pride in accomplishments amongst all of the departments. Some notable accomplishments/ highlights included: SEC organizing the first-ever virtual NomCon; School Communication’s increased collaboration with the underrepresented NEC consortium as well as other prominent youth organizations (such as Moco for Pride, Moco for Change); Special Issues’ new task forces; and Legislative Affairs held their first mentorship event, connecting students directly with lawmakers and experts. Overall, all of the departments adjusted and thrived in fulfilling and exceeding their duties, despite the challenges of a total virtual setting.

Next, a bittersweet conversation began where each MCR officer gave their final “thank you’s” to each other, the marvelous Ms. Cherry, and the rest of the executive board. Participant’s screens were filled with displays of tears and smiles from all - but also, just as visible, an immense amount of appreciation and love.

Participants' favorite part of the executive board meetings slowly began, where the yearly superlatives were presented. The “Most Committed to Spirit” went to Lucia Gutierrez, and the “Superwoman” Award went to Ms. Cherry. Finally, MCR Member of the Year went to MCR’s 2020-2021 President, Layna Teitelbaum.

To conclude a very eventful and stirring meeting, MCR swore in its officer elects at 8:00 pm. Queen Balina was sworn in as Secretary, subsequently, Maahe Kunvar as Treasurer, Ashley Morales as Vice President, and finally Shairee Arora as President. MCR and all MCPS students eagerly await and are hopeful to see the changes the new officer team will make.

Thank you all for such an amazing year of hard work and dedication. Each executive board member played such an important role in facilitating change and leadership in our county as we continue to grow and create change. Most importantly, MCR will miss its beloved seniors as they embark on the next four years of a new chapter!

On a final note, MCR applications for 2021-2022 are now open! Anyone interested from grades 9-12 is encouraged to apply. The application can be found on the MCR website.

Written by Norah D'Cruze

Published by PR Department


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