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MCR Executive Board Meeting Recap

MCR’s December Executive Board meeting was kicked off with some holiday music, which along with the abundance of Santa hats, antlers and ugly sweaters worn by many- even a festive kitten, set off a pleasant mood for a meeting filled with engaging work and activities.

After an MCJC report and important SEC updates, an MCPS task force for assault, one of many commissioned by Lynn Harris, a newly appointed Board of Education member, spoke about their mission to update and change the way MCPS traditionally handles assault. If you are passionate for this cause, the task force is a unique opportunity to share experiences, write training and work closely with council members and staff to improve the system in our county. Contact Kathryn LaLonde at for more info.

Next, the executive board voted on three resolutions: to Support Redistricting in MCPS schools, MCR’s Support for Public School Students’ Rights to Peacefully Assemble during school and the Resolution for MCR Endorsement of Farm Solar in MoCo. These resolutions were written by hardworking MCR members committed to change and they were all unanimously approved.

After a break, we welcomed some new members into the organization, two new cultural awareness coordinators, a public relations and a state affairs deputy. Then came a highly anticipated game of Zoom Guess Who led by Vice President Hana O'Looney. After many laughs, a victory and close defeat, SMOB Nick Asante delivered his report and members proceeded into department breakout rooms.

Following breakout rooms, upcoming events were announced, including the Joint GA on December 19th from 11-2pm that all MCR members are required to attend, and the Environmental Affairs Climate Forum.

As the meeting drew to a close, the member of the month was announced - SEC deputy Paris Ye, who was critical to the success of the SMOB 101 event. For spirit, Lucia Gutierrez took the win once again! After an advisor report, the meeting was concluded. MCR wishes everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Written by Norah D'Cruze

Published by PR Department


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