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MCR October General Assembly Recap

On October 18th, 2023, the Montgomery County Regional SGA (MCR-SGA) General Assembly gathered at Rockville High School. Under the guidance of Rockville HS President Max Pankowski, the meeting commenced at 10:35, with officers introducing themselves and providing essential updates.

Reports by Mr. Praneel Suvarna and SMOB Mr. Sami Saeed showcased the multifaceted efforts of the student government. Suvarna's MCJC Report highlighted the intricate workings of different departments, while Saeed shared achievements such as hosting a department tour and planning a student-led resolution on safety and security.

A pivotal moment unfolded during the discussion of a draft amendment to Policy IJA at 11:05. Small group breakouts allowed for in-depth conversations on crucial issues affecting students, ranging from confidentiality in counseling offices to advocating for specialized counselors, multilingual support, and addressing communication gaps among schools. The discourse touched on the challenges students face regarding mental health, proposing various solutions, including therapy dogs, improved emergency systems, and specialized passes to visit wellness rooms.

The assembly also directly addressed societal issues, with a presentation on domestic violence highlighting important resources such as the national hotline and initiatives like the Choose Respect Montgomery video contest. Students were encouraged to create public service announcements addressing the impact of teen dating violence, incentivized through earning SSL hours for qualifying submissions.

Dr. Gilberto Zelaya's segment on Future Vote Information opened up opportunities for 6th graders to serve at polls, promoting civic engagement from a young age. The discussion then shifted to the Maryland Blueprint, a comprehensive plan to enhance college and career readiness. This initiative aimed to guide students from grades 6-12 through personalized career advising, offering experience-based opportunities and support.

The advisor report by Mrs. Shella Cherry provided valuable insights, ensuring that the meeting's discussions were aligned with broader goals. The session concluded with a wrap-up at 12:30, featuring announcements of upcoming events, including the GSA Summit on October 25th at Northwood HS and the MCR Executive Board Meeting on November 7th (virtual).

Written by Bereket Gubena

Published by Allison Khani and the MCR Communications Department


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