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Top Three Goals for Next Year’s Officer Elects

The Montgomery County Regional SGA held officer elections on April 16th, 2021. Results for next year’s President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary were announced following the elections. In a brief interview conducted by the Public Relations Department, each of the elected officers were asked to list three goals for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.

Shairee Arora, Rising Junior at Richard Montgomery High School: President

“This year I plan to expand our outreach efforts in order to inform more students and get them involved. I will also work on making our materials, meetings, and events more accessible and ensuring we are being as equitable as possible in order to have a truly representative organization. Overall, I also want to make sure we are as transparent and welcoming as possible so students feel comfortable and welcome to join us, no matter their prior experience.”

Ashley Morales, Rising Senior at Gaithersburg High School: Vice President

“My top three priorities for this upcoming year are: Outreach, we need to continue our outreach towards a larger community of students of different backgrounds to ensure we are being representative. Productivity, I want to ensure that our executive board is one of the most productive executive boards ever. With the possibility of returning back to in-person activities and the rising need for student input on issues seen at the countywide level, we need to ensure that we are being productive. Accessibility, I want to make sure that we as officers are accessible to answer the questions students may have about MCR. We want to be inclusive and accessible to every student in Montgomery County.”

Maahe Kunvar, Rising Junior at Northwest High School: Treasurer

“I felt that the treasurer position has been extremely underutilized in the past. There is so much we can do with the monetary aspects of student advocacy, which is something I witnessed firsthand through my work with policy. I want to reinvent the position and get things done through it. This year I’ll be working to increase transparency about financial plans, accelerate the grant program, provide financial aid to increase accessibility and diversify our board, and create lobbying opportunities for students to fight for the BoE’s budget. Along with all these things, I have some exciting fundraising plans and events in mind for the upcoming year!”

Queen Balina, Rising Senior at Winston Churchill High School: Secretary

“I want to create an MCR that listens to the needs of all the 50,0000 students we represent.This requires effectively communicating our stances and actions in order to make MCR both more transparent and accessible. This would be done through establishing spaces where students can provide us feedback on what they want from the body that advocates for them. Secretary is a powerful role because I truly do have a lot of control over our communication and outreach, and I plan to use that power to make the voices of all MCPS students heard.”

Written by Zachary A. Poe

Published by PR Department

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