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What the Grant Program Is and How Students Can Access It

The MCR-SGA takes many initiatives to support students across Montgomery County. A way the organization supports MCPS students is the Grant Program. Any student can apply for the Grant Program, and receive funding from MCR for their projects.

“The MCR Grant Program is really important because it [helps] student-led groups grow and [emphasizes] the importance of leadership in our communities,” said Maahe Kunvar, who served as the MCR Treasurer for the 2021-2022 school year. “Especially after a pandemic, it is so imperative that we, as the countywide government, support others with the resources we have. This past year itself, we supported many nonprofits, clubs across the county, and groups who work for shelters/centers as well.”

The Grant Program reflects what the MCR-SGA strives for by “[allowing] students to begin projects they’re passionate about and get the resources they need for these projects. [The Grant Program helps students] develop their leadership skills and turn them into something new that works to give back to communities!”

In the 2021-2022 school year, Treasurer Maahe Kunvar and the finance committee worked to make the Grant Program more accessible to all students. “We created a criteria to make the application more accessible and easy to understand, as well as provided the application and criteria in 3 different languages,” Maahe said.

In the last year, the MCR-SGA received numerous applications, and granted around $2000 dollars to student-led initiatives, “many [applicants] came from underrepresented regions where organizations and clubs don’t really exist. The unfortunate thing is that the lack of opportunities and leadership serve as a barrier for many students in those communities; by funding these clubs and projects, our aim is to help them grow to a level that more students from those regions can get involved and have the funds to do what they want with their work.”

The best way to stay up to date on the Grant Program is on the MCR-SGA Instagram and website. The website lists the link to apply, as well as the dates the program is open and closed.

Check out MCR-SGA on Instagram: @mcrsga

Check out MCR-SGA's website:

Written by Allison J Khani

Published by PR Department


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