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Back to Work: MCR-SGA Returns from Summer Break

MCR-SGA has returned from the summer break with their first meeting of the new school year on Tuesday, September 19th. This meeting included progress reports from both officers and departments in MCR concerning what activities and goals had been met during the summer. The meeting began with a SMOB Report from the current SMOB Matt Post. Post explained the issue of implicit bias, an issue that often leads to Latino and Black students not seeking additional help in class even if it is needed, and how the county is working on changing implicit bias training for MCPS staff. In addition, Post discussed recovery schools and evidence of learning framework.He introduced the idea of converting Thomas Edison High School, currently a part-time technology high school where students can take classes and training for careers such as cosmetology and plumbing, into a full time high school where graduates will receive and diploma and Associate’s Degree.

After Post’s report, Strong Schools Maryland gave an introductory presentation about their mission and their organization. Strong Schools Maryland is a group that is focused on creating a world-class education system for Maryland students for the next 25 years. It is student focused, and its goals are for all Maryland students to go to college without remediation, graduate with career skills, and to graduate with knowledge of how to be an effective citizen. Their plan to create this world class education includes such methods as implementing rigorous college and career standards and promoting socio-economically integrated schools. They proposed working with MCR-SGA by having MCR members volunteering with the organization and attending our meetings as well. Strong Schools Maryland advocates for student participation as well, hoping to connect with students through organizations like MCR. They aim to create small student groups that could write testimony and opinions to local legislators to support their cause.

The September 19th meeting also featured a look at the 2017-2018 MCR budget and a proposal of fundraising dates by Treasurer Nathaniel Tinbite. Some of the proposed dates for fundraisers include October 20th, December 15th, February 22nd, and April 20th, so keep an eye out for fundraisers coming up. Vice President Ananya Tadikonda discussed the iWomen’s Caucus, an organization that hosts monthly meetings that focus on empowering female students in the county, and promoted a closer partnership with MCJC, the middle school MCR counterpart. Secretary Pranav Tadikonda discussed the partnership with MCR and the Minority Scholars Program, encouraging increased outreach to student organizations and schools, and touched on involvement with MASC, the Maryland State SGA. President Michael Yin talked about planning for the upcoming October General Assembly meeting, as well as the State SMOB Nominations. Some of the plans for the upcoming GA meeting were introducing drives for gathering eclipse glasses as well as donations for Hurricane relief. Everyone is encouraged to learn more about MCR at the first General Assembly meeting of the year on October 18th at John F. Kennedy High School.

In this meeting, the MCR Public Relations department revealed the new and updated MCR website, which can be seen at The website will also feature a new online store, as the motion was passed to begin selling T-shirts and Hoodies as a method of fundraising and providing MCR merchandise to students. The department also emphasized working on goals such as increased communication with school SGA advisors, increased social media presence, and keeping up the new website as some of their goals for this year. The Special Elections department also promoted their second round of Special Elections Committee applications.

To close out this meeting, MCR Advisor Shella Cherry discussed increasing contact with school SGA advisors and for all MCR members to promote and check the Student Leadership social media pages on Twitter and Instagram. In addition, leadership opportunities such as the Maryland General Assembly Page Opportunity were presented, and a Google Form sign-in for General Assemblies was revealed. All are encouraged to apply.

To keep up with the events coming up this year, and to get involved in MCR, make sure to visit the MCR website at, or visit the Student Leadership page at the Montgomery County Public Schools website. MCR is ready for another successful year.

Written by Olivia Marquis

Published by PR Department

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