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MCPS Student Becomes Yale’s First Black Student Body President

Mcps prides itself on preparing students well for their futures beyond graduation. This can be true for Poolesville graduate Kahlil Greene. Kahlil Greene was elected as Yale’s first black student body president in the school’s history.

Greene ran a campaign promising to make campus a safer, healthier, and more equitable place to live. He was elected in April, winning 89.7 percent of the students’ votes. Prior to his victory, Greene served as on the Yale College Council.

Greene’s label as the first black student body president mirrors his priorities as a leader on campus.

He told Fox 5 DC he wanted to “amplify the voices of the underserved communities on campus.”

Greene donned a Yale Kente sweatshirt during his interview with Fox 5’s Shawn Yancy, representing the black student community at Yale who inspired his engagement with student government.

While his position marks progress that the university has made in promoting diversity, Greene still feels that is proves that there is way more work to be done in the field.

Growing up in Germantown, Greene was able to enjoy many aspects of the high school experience. At Poolesville, Greene focused on STEM in the magnet program and was a member of the co-ed volleyball team.

However, Greene is still continuing to explore his interests in college. As a current economics and possibly political science major, he is considering going to business or law school but doesn’t envision a career in politics.

Whether he continues his involvement in politics in the future, Greene’s passion for giving a voice to the underrepresented in indisputable.

“We can be a more diverse and inclusive campus.” Greene said. “I’m grateful for the role I have in making that happen.”

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