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43rd SMOB Sworn In

Nick Asante was sworn in as the 43rd Student Member of the Board (SMOB), succeeding Nate Timbite. During his year as SMOB, Nate was able to fulfill many of his goals and ended his term with success.

As a result of the pandemic and the social justice movements happening right now, Nick begins to say that his SMOB term has changed a bit since the beginning of his campaign. “It has become clear that I really need to shift my focus towards three areas: increase the number of equitable opportunities for students, working towards implementing anti-racism curriculum at all levels of schooling, and helping as much as I can to create a COVID-recovery plan.”

We are currently living in a very unprecedented but very important time and Nick wants to directly combat those issues and help the students, school system, and community. “This summer the board will go on recess and the meetings will be limited until the end of August,” Asante explained. SMOB will also be serving on the county councils-recovery group, helping with different measures the county will be taking for recovery.

As Asante explains, “I really want to ensure that we see substantial progress in terms of reducing the opportunity gap. I think the pandemic has only increased the gap and by the end of my term I hope to be able to pinpoint the specific actions I took to reduce that gap.” Asante also wants to work on humanizing the role of SMOB and ensure that he is seen as an approachable figure that reminds students that he is like them.

When asked “What are you looking forward to the most this year,” Asante answered, “Getting to see all the behind the scenes stuff that makes our school system work and seeing how MCPS operates.” He is also excited to be using the parking spot!

To shift gears, Asante is looking forward to getting his license at the end of this month and taking the SAT scheduled at the end of August. Nick is striving to have a productive summer, finishing up routine high school things (college apps, finishing the SAT, getting his license, etc).

Asante is thrilled to start his term and is eager to make a change as 43rd SMOB ensuring everyone's voice is heard and equality surrounds the school system.

Written by Pelin Altintas

Published by PR Department

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