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MCR Executive Board Meeting Recap

Jam packed with important events, updates, and information, this week’s MCR executive board meeting was nothing short of eventful. After the MCJC report from Shayaan Wadkar and the SMOB report from Nick Asante, XYZ architecture and design guests joined MCR for an overview of the new Interactive Boundary Explorer tool. They walked through the features of the tool, how to use it, how to look at the demographics of different schools, and more. All MCR members are encouraged to check it out and get familiar with it before the MCR December Joint GA.

Following a short update on expectations and the responsibilities expected of and resources available to all MCR officers, the resolution to support the removal of SRO's from schools was announced. Proposed by MCR Vice President Hana O’Looney, this resolution passed with overwhelming support from the executive board, particularly after the informative and compelling SRO forum hosted by MCR’s Ed-Pol department in July. If you are passionate about this issue and would like to help craft MCR’s testimony to the BOE, please reach out to Hana O'Looney (email:

After department breakouts, the Executive Board unfortunately had to vote on the removal of an officer who was not fulfilling their responsibilities as finance coordinator. Following the removal vote, exciting upcoming events were announced. MCR’s Legislative Affairs department has organized an amazing opportunity- the MCR Mentorship Initiative on November 17th at 6PM, in which Legislative Affairs will match MCPS students with state and local lawmakers. Students will be able to have a conversation with these legislators on their path to office/how to get involved in policy making and make connections with legislators.

Some other upcoming events announced were the SMOB 101 Event held by SEC on November 19th from 6-8 pm, MoCo EmpowHER’s Womxn in Comedy meeting on Saturday, November 21st from 6-7:30pm, the SGA Summit on November 24th from 6-7:30 pm, and the December Joint MCR/MCJC General Assembly on Saturday, December 19th from 12-4 pm, which all executive board members are required to attend. Finishing off the meeting with MCR Member of the Month, Obse Abebe was awarded for going above and beyond in helping to organize the MCR Mentorship Event and being an amazing addition to the Legislative Affairs department!

Written by Abby Leibowitz

Published by PR Department

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