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March Workshop Series: MCR Leadership Academy

On March 11, 2024, MCR hosted the first session of its Leadership Academy workshop this year. Spanning four sessions over one month, this series aims to engage MCPS students in advocacy efforts. As MCR workshop coordinator Hali Duong emphasizes, it seeks to "empower youth to voice their opinions and leverage their experiences for tangible change."

The first session, titled "What does it mean to be a leader?" (3/11), delves into the essence of leadership, elucidating the steps youth can take to effect change in their communities. Following that, the second session, "Networking 101" (3/18), equips students with networking skills and explores avenues for finding networking opportunities. The third session, "Starting your own initiative" (4/8), concentrates on helping youth identify their passions and demonstrates how to channel these passions into positive community impact. Finally, the fourth session, "Getting involved in government" (4/15), provides insights into various forms of activism, including lobbying, testifying, and policy research.

Building on the success of past Leadership Academy workshops, such as the Lawmaking Lab held in the previous fall, MCR's program aims to Duong advocacy and offer diverse avenues for MCPS students to engage with their communities. Hali notes that "initially getting involved in advocacy might be a little intimidating," underscoring the program's role in making advocacy more accessible.

MCR remains committed to supporting MCPS students in assuming leadership roles and engaging in advocacy. The Leadership Academy sessions provide an opportunity for students to refine their skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to become effective leaders driving positive change in their communities.

Meetings are scheduled every Monday until April 15, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. This workshop, while not only a great opportunity, offers 4 SSL hours!

Students can register for the sessions through the following link:

Written by Helina Samson

Published by the MCRSGA Communications Department


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